generators, etc....


  Just to chime in with some historical bullocks....

Don't forget 500 year floods that happen twice in a couple of years,
e.g. the midwest. Or the occasional bombing, e.g. our New York City
POP is in Hackensack, NJ now, the MIDNET router in Oklahoma City is
in a landfill now. An Internet connection is pretty far down on the
list of important things in a real disaster.

  Actually, no....

  The MIDnet OKC pop did not go down w/ the Murrah building bombing.
  1 or 2 customers went down that were physically proximitous to the
  blast, however. The LEC/RBOC FR network stayed up too...

  Still, the point is well taken that un-meshed networks can not stand
  significant damage from unforeseen natural/unnatural diasters.
  Meshing the network doesn't guarantee much, but gives you a chance
  of diminishing the harm.