geeting NANOG listed in Encyclopedia of Associations

Groups like NANOG may find it useful to be listed in the _Encyclopedia
of Associations_, a directory of national non-profit groups in the
United States, so that journalists, researchers and potential new
members can get in touch with you more easily.

I have transcribed the questionnaire that the _Encyclopedia of Associations_
uses to compile its listings, and I would be happy to send a copy
to anyone who would like their group listed.

The Encyclopedia of Associations is published by Gale Research Inc.
of Detroit, a well-known publisher of reference books. Your local
library probably has a copy of the _Encyclopedia of Associations_
that you can look through to see how other progressive groups are listed.

To request a questionnaire, send me e-mail (, or
Encyclopedia of Associations
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835 Penobscot Building
Detroit, MI 48226-4094
telephone (313) 961-2242 or 800-877-GALE
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