Gee, operational content: IPv6 routing issues

At the last NANOG, I asked a question regarding issues with prefix growth and
routing policies as we transition to IPv6. The answer I was given was that
IPv6 had several issues wrt adoption from the community. Can someone provide
pointers on where these issues were discussed and what material I could read
to shed light on these issues, without the time necessary to make a thorough
analysis of the IPv6 protocol and associated routing protocol efforts?

What are the most troubling issues with IPv6 that members of the community
have noticed?



I remember the question, and thought it deserved more of informed reply at the time.
Most people I ask about this subject say it's still in test bed provisioning and unless
some company big enough to spur other large fish to bite, it will never take off.

2 cents Randy ? :slight_smile: