GateD and Linux

I was a LinuxWorld, yesterday, and heard of a problem with GateD and the
new Linux kernel. Does anyone verify/have more info on this?

Hello Roeland Which gated version ? Which Linux version ?

  3.5.9 No (major) reported problems .
  3.5.10 Silent failure in presence of interface(s) marked
    pointopoint . And linux-2.1.100 -> 2.2.x will fail
    on fresh reboot .
  3.5.11 (When avail.) s/b OK under linux -all- versions.
      Hth, JimL

Since 2.2.x is the new kernels, I would suspect highly that this problem
is the one being spoken of.



Discussion of this can be found on or Changes to linux kernel in area
of interfaces required changes to gated. 3.5.11 release
will address [pre-release in testing phase].

Sue Hares
Merit, GateD Consortium

gated-3.5.9 and the Linux-2.2.1 kernel.

Thank you Susan, any idea when it will be completed?