FYI: UUnet/EUnet transit changes

Several years ago, as could coincidentally be deduced based on items
discussed last week, UUnet and EUnet entered into an agreement
whereby UUnet would provide transit for EUnet. For historical
background, the first agreement between EUnet and "somebody" in the
US concerned a 9.6kbps line between a machine called mcvax and a
machine called seismo; signed by Piet Beertema, system administrator
for mcvax, and Rick Adams, system administrator for seismo. The line
was at the time used only for UUCP transport of mail and news, and
predated the advent of IP connectivity.

Things have grown since then, and by mutual agreement UUnet will be
ceasing providing transit for EUnet, with experimental turn-off
tomorrow morning, Tuesday August 26th 1997 at 0500 GMT. Nobody
should observe any connectivity loss as a result of this.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank UUnet and especially
Rick Adams for their support over the years.