FYI - Suspension of Cogent access to ARIN Whois

ARIN has repeatedly informed Cogent that their use of the ARIN Whois for solicitation is contrary to the terms of use and that they must stop. Despite ARIN’s multiple written demands to Cogent to cease these prohibited activities, ARIN has continued to receive complaints from registrants that Cogent continues to engage in these prohibited solicitation activities.

For this reason, ARIN has suspended Cogent Communications’ use of ARIN’s Whois database effective today and continuing for a period of six months. For additional details please refer to ARIN will restore Cogent’s access to the Whois database at an earlier time if Cogent meets certain conditions, including instructing its sales personnel not to engage in the prohibited solicitation activities.

Given the otherwise general availability of ARIN Whois, it is quite possible that Cogent personnel may evade the suspension via various means and continue their solicitation. If that does occur, please inform us (via, as ARIN is prepared to extend the suspension and/or bring appropriate legal action.


John Curran
President and CEO
American Registry for Internet Numbers

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