FYI: reg-ops now becoming fully operational

Through 2005, the reg-ops (Registrar Operations) mailing list which was
established after the first Panix incident, was working by trial and
error, learning from past mistakes, formalizing reporting guidelines and
operating procedures.

The mailing list now holds representatives from most of the big registrars.

reg-ops also holds liaisons to NSP-SEC, DA/MWP, ICANN, SSAC, NANOG and
the root servers.

Other than the registrars, there are also a limited number of vetted
individual from the anti-spam, anti-phishing and security industry.

The purpose of the list is to relay reliable information in real-time
from the industry to registrars on issues such as scams, phishing, etc.
Real-time issues are handled with care while other reports can be made
digested, periodically.

The list is mostly operational and therefore there is not much chatter.

However, security and operational issues which concern registrars or
cooperation/information sharing happens when it is needed.

The list is not open to the public, and subscription requires vetting.

Please contact me or Gadi Evron <> directly to be added
to the group.