FYI: EuropaNET migration

EuropaNET Migration Starts Tomorrow

You may have heard about the migration of EuropaNET to a new backbone.
Basically, todays core, EMPB (AS 2043) will be replaced by a new core
network, IBDNS (AS 5400). The transition will start tomorrow and hopefully
finish mid next week. The final switch-off of the EMPB is on the 2nd Oct
95, 9:00 CET (GMT+1).

Obviously we try to handle things such that the migration should be smooth.
However, if you are filtering based on AS paths to some of the destinations
below, you might have to change your filters. Generally, if you experience
routing problems during this period to the ASes mentioned below, and in
particular if the core ASes 1128, 2043, 5400 are involved, contact

For non-European networks these changes should be invisible, except that
some ASes will gradually not use the 1800 1804 1128 connection any more,
but 690 1128 5400 *. This path is in use already today, so there should be
no problems. Note also that a number of ASes mentioned below is not
affected, because they have other arrangements for intercontinental

The following ASes are involved in the migration: (This macro as-dante will
be available on whois -h tomorrow.)

*al: AS137 AS513 AS559 AS766 AS786 AS789 AS1103 AS1104 AS1125
*al: AS1128 AS1135 AS1213 AS1274 AS1275 AS1754 AS1888 AS1902 AS1922
*al: AS1930 AS1955 AS2012 AS2038 AS2060 AS2107 AS2111 AS2546 AS2547
*al: AS2592 AS2598 AS2602 AS2605 AS2607 AS2611 AS2614 AS2875 AS2879
*al: AS3208 AS3219 AS3230 AS3314 AS3323 AS3333 AS3346 AS5400

For more information please refer to the (very) detailed EuropaNET routing
plan and other information (topology, ...) on:*

For more information, problems, questions, etc... contact: (+44.1223.302992, fax: +44.1223.303005)

Michael Behringer