FYI: CIDR Report changes


As most of you know, the CIDR Report was conceived by Tony Bates in 1995 as a means to monitor and inform the community about the amount of CIDRisation activities being carried out by Internet Service Providers.

The CIDR Report has been highly successful, much referred to and well respected snapshot of the growth in the Routing Table, as well as providing information on the level of aggregation being carried out in our community.

In recent years it has become more of a challenge to maintain the software to keep up with the rapid growth in the Internet. Philip Smith, who has produced a widely published Routing Table Report since late 1998, has helped to keep the Report up to date with current allocation and assignment information.

But with the large number of views of the routing table, and with the numerous requests many individuals and organisations have been making for enhancements to the CIDR Report, we have agreed that the future of the CIDR Report now rests alongside the very comprehensive BGP Table Analysis which Geoff Huston has been running for the last year.

This Friday's CIDR Report (23rd August) was the last one posted from Tony's original system. As from the coming Friday (30th August), the CIDR Report will come from Geoff Huston's new implementation. The e-mail will go to the same operations mailing lists, will look very similar in layout, and will have greatly updated information compared with the original. Furthermore, the routing table view will be the summary from the RouteViews project.

The supporting website for the CIDR Report has been vastly improved, with greater detail, the ability to search on aggregation effort per AS, and so on. A snapshot of Geoff's implementation can be found at Regular users of the information contained in the CIDR Report should check out the website and the new features in the report.

As ever, comments and feedback are most welcome; these should be sent to <>.

Tony Bates, Geoff Huston, Philip Smith