FYI: Cease And Desist Flaming

This is a good one...anybody seen this before?

They are spamming about spamming. Maybe it is a plot by this lawyer to
get more clients...


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Yes, about a dozen of our customers got it. They were really pissed. I
blocked the company and the mail server.

Doesn't sound like something an intelligent attorney would pen.

Even if he has a point (not to be confused with a case), I would think any
legitimate and properly-educated attorney understands the First Amendment
well enough to know that a) it doesn't even seem to apply to states
(except as via the Fourteenth Amendment), b) it certainly doesn't apply to
individual business entities not connected with the government, and c) in
no case does the First Amendment justify theft of services and other

Rick Horowitz
Network Administrator

NY Times ran an article about this in today's Cybertimes section:

Randy Benn