FYI: BBN/MCI Peering Change 3/31/97

The technical impact of this change is that MCI will no longer announce
BBN routes at the public interconnects, except to those providers who
have purchased transit service from MCI.

You're inferring I can buy transit from MCI at the naps.
If that is true, please let me know.

I meant implying -- please, no more corrections needed. =-)

Not at all. The only inference you can draw is that MCI does
indeed sell transit services, and that as part of that service,
they will announce BBN routes to you. Indeed, they will announce
everyone's routes to you if you so desire as a transit customer.
No claims, or even vague references are made as to how or where
that transit service connection is made.

Um, yes, I think there was at least a vague reference in there. =-)
(read it again)

My intention, by the way, is not to simply pick nits over a posting.
I have heard in the past that there is at least one major provider
who sells transit through the naps. Regardless of whether that is
an OK thing to do or not, I am sincerely interested in knowing if
that is true.

I know MCI will be quite willing to provide you transit services
over a DS3 you purchase from them. Of course, there's the matter of the
small additional fee for transit services. :slight_smile:

You're implying they won't sell me transit over a T1?
(just kidding)