* surfer@mauigateway.com (Scott Weeks) [Wed 13 Jun 2018, 02:17 CEST]:

Turns out that it's only the "Re: IPv6
faster/better proof?" thread I can't reply to.
I still can't. All I wanted to say was:

Then perhaps that thread was killed by the moderators. Please heed the list charter.

Also, please get a mail client that generates proper In-Reply-To headers and knows how to quote... it's 2018.

  -- Niels.

Also, please stop putting quotes in your email signature... it's 2018.


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Not even Google with all their brains on tap has mastered the latter
half of that request. Why gmail can't manage to wrap your paragraphs
and insert greater than signs in front of each word-wrapped line
escapes me.

Bill Herrin