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  > I have asked the question many time. "What is a provider?". Once
  > the CIDR allocation started the "Providers" came out of the
  > woodworks. No one so far has given an answer to the question that
  > the majority can agree with. I will not be at the regional tech
  > meeting in CA but Mark will. I don't know a group better suited
  > to answer the question that established providers. Do us a favor
  > and come up with a proposed answer to "What is a provider". I
  > will work with NSF and Postel to make it policy. This would make
  > our life easier.

The "regional-techs" group is not a suitable group to make policy
about who can and can't be a network service provider. For quite a
while in its life, it was a group that had no intention of letting
non-NSF sponsored networks have any access to their meetings.
As a result there is very close to no participation by any of the
emerging public access Internet providers, the very group that is
most likely to want to get address blocks of their own to hand out to
their customers.

I was not asking regional-techs to make policy. I was asking for help
defining "what is a provier ?". Things are changing very fast ....
i do not want to wake up six months from now to find that the allocations
done incorrectly or should have been done more effienctly. I only ask for
help in making the determination of where to or if to draw the line. Messages
from Richard, John, and Bill were very helpful. A gread deal of concern has
been express about this question. The definition may not really matter and
after asking this question for the last year i don't know if there is a

********* This is happening more and more ( 1 to 2 new per day )******
I just setup a network to be a IP service provider. I am connected to
provider A and they are connected to provider B the interconnection to
other network only occur at provider B. I want MY block of 256 or 1024.