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  I agree that we must be careful. However, we must setup guidlines that
  have a technical basis. If we are to achive efficent CIDRization of the
  address space then we can not give CIDR blocks to anyone who says
  they are a provider. I don't think that we have ever denined anyone
  address space. The complaint from Kansas was a person that requested
  space for Kansas's network and was given a block of 512 through MIDNET.
  MIDNET was the provider at the higher level. Now he wants to be a provider
  for himself connected to ???. I understand that the look of what is
  currently the NSFnet will change. What if tommorow I want to become a
  provider and request MY block of 256. I think we must ask the questions
  and make a smart allocation. Souldn't the provider to which he will
  connect be involved in the allocation? I understand that anyone should
  be able to switch providers at any level. I would assume that the block
  could go with them.