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So whats the problem here?

My son, David, decides to become an internet service provider and
thinks he can get 1.5 million subscribers. (or pick a more reasonable
number.... but you must pick a number) The Internic, be reasonable,
tells him to talk to those already in the biz, that already have blocks
allocated in the areas David wishes to service.

Should he complain?

I have asked the question many time. "What is a provider?". Once the
CIDR allocation started the "Providers" came out of the woodworks.
No one so far has given an answer to the question that the majority can
agree with. I will not be at the regional tech meeting in CA but Mark will.
I don't know a group better suited to answer the question that established
providers. Do us a favor and come up with a proposed answer to "What is a
provider". I will work with NSF and Postel to make it policy. This would
make our life easier.

(I am tempted to re-raise my questions from AA and earlier. Just how do
we profile a provider? As opposed to simply a number hoarder? I tried
this before and did not get much response. Perhaps its time to dust off
the old notes and try & deal w/ this in a published form.)


Bill Manning