Fwd: Re: The role of Internet governance in sanctions

Using a few emails...

- otoh, i would likely close such meager services as i provide to russian

- I think it is a colossal mistake to weaponize the Internet.

- Keeping the rest of the internet as functional as possible

It is not "Russia" doing this. It is the Russian government doing this to the dismay of many of the Russian people. 20,000+ have already left Russia over this.

If we don't keep the internet up and functional as best we can and start to block or otherwise stop/slow the flow of traffic, it is not the gov't mules that suffer, rather it is the regular, everyday Russian population that suffers. Many (most?) of the regular Russian folks want access to the global internet for info that is not gov't controlled. They can't get that with TV, radio or print media, but they can get that with the internet until the gov't blocks it.

So, my 'vote' is "keep the internet up" to the best of our abilities and block/slow no one as much as possible.