[fwd] CIX announces relocation

I may have missed discussion on this earlier, but I see that CIX has
decided to relocate to the Digital exchange.

- paul

[excerpt: 07-19-96 at 08:48 EDT, Business Wire]

HERNDON, Va.--(BUSINESS WIRE) via Individual Inc. -- The Commercial
Internet Exchange (CIX), a non-profit trade association representing
160 Public Data Internet Service Providers, announced today it is
relocating its router from Santa Clara, California, to a Digital
Equipment Corporation (Digital) facility in Palo Alto, California.
Relocating the router, which provides many of CIX members with an IP
interconnection, is designed to provide the membership with reduced
operating costs and a higher quality of service at a co-location
facility with "hands-on" technical support.

CIX's router and related facilities have been replicated at the Digital
facility, called the Digital Internet Exchange. Testing is currently
underway, with the cutover scheduled for July 18, 1996. The interconnection
will continue to be called the CIX NAP. The CIX router, currently located
at the Wiltel facility, will be maintained as members are transitioned to
the new facility.