FW: Behind the scenes...

Jim, in a purely communist/fascist way, let me
explicitly tell you once again.

This is the NANOG list. The O is for "Operations." You know, ops.
Operations. O.P.E.R.A.T.E. To work. Stuff. That works.

Unlike you.


ob nanog stuff: SPRINT's {broken} confederation
  stuff was screwing us up at Anaheim. It
  would record one flap at the border as
  2-3 flaps (depending :wink: in the core.
  That meant 2 real flaps = dampening.
  We finally got them to fix it... your
  mileage may vary. (fix = turn off)

p.s. Read on if you want to chuckle lightly

From: Jim Fleming[SMTP:JimFleming@unety.net.]
Sent: Saturday, February 15, 1997 11:32 AM
To: 'New Newdom'
Subject: Behind the scenes...

For over 20 years I have been designing serious


online information systems. I was fortunate to


  "Serious" information systems? I've never
  seen an information system crack a joke.
  In fact, they haven't even been called
  information systems but for the last ten

spend much of that time at AT&T Bell Laboratories
as an employee and a consultant. I am proud of


the fact that I was able to help launch the Videotex


industry and that some of the technology that AT&T
patented on my behalf was used in the early Prodigy

  You "help[ed] launch"? You mean you pushed
  a button? Did you launch or not launch?
  I helped launch the internet industry. My
  industry makes yours obsolete. Does this
  mean you have no credibility, oh, Father
  O' Obsolete VideoTex?

For the past couple of years, I have become more


involved in the behind the scenes activity of the
Internet. Like many people, I have used the facilities


  Behind the scenes? Which backroom cabal
  let you in? You mean THIS mailing list?
  Com-priv? Ietf? Isoc? Which of these
  open lists, open discussions, or closed
  contract negotiations make you think you
  are privy to ANY behind the scenes, as it

for many years without much concern for who handled
the governance needed to keep the network moving in
a positive direction that benefits all people on earth
and does not discriminate and degenerate like many
societies on earth.

  The desire not to discriminate is not a goal
  of the Internet. Perhaps you are confusing
  'The Internet' with 'The Constitution.'

I am disappointed to report that the behind the scenes

  Thank you for sharing your feelings. Of
  course they hold zero weight. Facts and
  figures, my deluded comrade, not feelings.

Internet of 1997 looks more like a communist/fascist
  "Looks more like"??? IS IT or IS IT NOT?

republic than the democratic system in the U.S. that
helped to create the Internet. In my opinion, this is

  Your opinion has Opinion.Credibility==0. See
  above under the section where I helped launch
  the Internet.

partly because a few individuals have been allowed to
rise to positions of visibility and power without the
normal checks and balances that are present in a

  Normal checks and balances that are present in
  a democracy? *puff* *puff*

  You mean Waco? Ruby Ridge? Whitewater?
  No >10-round-weapons? No legalized pot despite
  voters' clear referenda? Amendment against flag
  desecration? Civil Forfeiture? War on drugs?
  Holding Noriega without trial after kidnapping
  him from his sovereign territory?

  Which of these is your deluded self hoping to
  aspire to turn the internet into?

We now have a situation where the so-called "leaders"

  We? Are you part of this back-scene stuff,
  this evil communist/fascist conspiracy?

of the Internet support people who run around "blacklisting"
and denying service to people at the drop of a hat. We


  Outright lie. Not worth dignifying with response.

see the U.S. Government, via the NSF, funding people
who are clearly the Internet equivalent of the mafia. We


  Valueless opinion. Not worth ...

see prominent Internet societies endorsing people who
openly and publicly suggest that people's parents be
"killed with fire axes". We see those groups claiming
to have the support of the Whitehouse, which I doubt

  White House is two words, both capitalized.

endorses such violence. The list goes on.

When I first observed this situation, I will admit that I

      8 9 10

was naive. I assumed that society would see these


problems and quickly correct these situations. I am


disappointed to report that not only is this not happening,
it is getting worse.

It appears that the only solution for rational adults


  You haven't identified a problem. You haven't
  identified ANY solutions. It's premature at
  this point to identify "the only solution"
  unless you have the brain of a cabbage or

(especially in the U.S.) is to turn and walk away. As
this happens, the problem increases, because, what
remains are these ego-maniac dictators who now infect

  Egomania is one word. Egomaniac is a noun.
  Egomaniacal is the adjective you might use.

the young people launching their careers in the tele-
communications industry. Some of these young people
then become ISPs, capture the attention of the public,
and continue to propogate a system that will clearly
lead to large scale social problems around the world.

  Sounds pretty capitalistic and free-market
  economy to me. Lead on.

Another solution is to create a new Internet that is

  Wait. You just told us "The only solution."
  Now you tell us "Another solution..."
  I think you're about 6% short of a 7% solution.

"rooted" in democratic governments that have served
great countries like the U.S. for many years. It is
somewhat ironic that such a new system would have
to be created as an alternative to the dictators currently
being funded by the U.S. taxpayers via NSF grants
and non-profit, tax-avoiding, companies. The system
would also have to be created in the face of wide-spread
opposition from young people who have already been
polluted to think that everything the U.S. does is not
in their interest, except for their tuition and salaries
paid via government grants.

  Ah. So you "Old Person" know it all, but
  'young people' (no stratification listed)
  know nothing. That's great, Jimmy.

To create a new Internet, new servers and networks
are not required. What is required is democractic
governance. Because I believe in the U.S. system


of democracy and I truely believe that 99.9% of

                  13 ^ ^^^^^^^

  Truly has no E in it. Your beliefs have
  no foundation. Share facts and figures,
  not your BELIEF in things.

society wants to "do the right thing", I still have


  Read Locke. Read Milton. That which society
  DOES _IS_ the right thing. QED. Prima Facie.
  All that latin jazz. Go read. It's good for
  you. Reading Is Fun'amental.

hope that democratic societies will take a hard
look behind the scenes of the Internet to see the
"society" that is pulling the strings. I have faith that


the real society and real governments will soon
step forward to cut the ties to the dictators and
their societies. This will help to ensure that children

  Real world, Jim Flaming. Jim Flaming,
  real world. When you have cleared dictators
  and their societies from the REAL WoRLD, you
  can then talk about it on the net.
  Maybe you can 'help launch' a new world.

and adults everywhere have a chance to enjoy
the wonderful resources that the Internet can
provide in a truely democratic Internet society (small s).

Thank you for your time...

  *puff* "That's good shit, man."

  You used the word "I" 14 times. Maybe it's
  timey YOU spent less time on YOU and more
  time realizing you're a nutcase kook who
  has no clue about what a society is, what
  the internet is, how the world is, how
  things are run, and how to change them.
  It's called frustration. Live it.

Jim Fleming
Unir Corporation

JimFleming@unety.s0.g0 (EDNS/IPv8)