FW: /8s and filtering

Clue! - as you know doubt are now aware, VERIO and Jippi are -two-
of the tens of thousands of ISPs that make up the catanet that is the
Internet. The published filtering policies of these two providers is
a useful tool for others to determine why VERIO and Jippi are contributing
to "odd" routing.

WRT learning more, you may wish to review the IETF's CIDRd WG archives
from 1993-1997. You may also wish to review RFC 2050 and the various
RIR policies on the evolution of that work.

  But how do you know how many of the rest filter where?


quit trolling!

you dont.. ask them, view their website, view their looking glass, phone their
noc... the internet is a large group of networks under independent
administrations, they can do as they please and frequently do!