FW: /8s and filtering

but there is no "class C space" anymore. there is no "class A space"
either. its all CIDR space and some providers have retained some
vestigal classfull concepts in the creation/maintaince of their routing
filters. a /24 may or may not get you past my filters. any you'll have
no way to know until/unless you try to get to my sites or we develop
a peering relationship.

wrt the evolution of filters. yes, they do evolve. and so does ARIN
policy. you presume too much to second guess that ARIN policy will
evolve in the way you outline.

  Yes, it is all classless now, but I saw Verio's policies and thought
that it is the way ISPs filter. Also, the Jippi group filters at /21
except in the 192.0/7 space (where it is a /24). I didn't have enough
knowledge to realize that classful was "vestigal".