Fun new policy at AOL

Bob Bradlee wrote:

Road-Runner pulled the same stunt with a chain of radio stations
I have as clients. We went ON-AIR with a NEWS story, and
recomended that everyone effected should call Roadrunner
or AOL. AOL contacted me, verified the problem, and had my
IP's whitelisted in a matter of hours. Both SBC and WOW were happy
to sign up the few that switched before AOL woke up.

Good luck, I hope for your sake that your national association
has a national name and is ready to black list AOL in their
news letter for this.

We dont care, we dont have to, were AOL

Back to lurking...


ps: I dont think I have posting rights, or I would have sent this to the list,
back when it happened. I am sure there are a lot of people out there
who dont know they are Blacklisted by AOL/Timewarner yet.

Thanks Bob!!!

Someone else has sent me the right phone number and I'm working on that.

I'm forwarding this to the list as well so others can see we're not