Nanog Folk,

  (my apologies for the earlier blank mail)


>services to AOL. The big get bigger.

Couldn't help noting that UUnet will run modems and routers
for AOL+Compuserve and it continues to do so for their biggest
competitor MSN (at least the last time I checked). Antitrust?

  I can't help but respond to this ridiculous suggestion.

  Please look up the definition of Antitrust before you go
  rumor-mongering without facts.

  The principle of antitrust is controlling a large enough segment
  of the market to minimize competition. Approaching a monopoly.

  AOL+Compuserve will continue to use multiple vendors for their
  customers' access. Microsoft is free to choose anyone they want.

  An allegation that this action is anticompetitive is simply not
  well thought out.


I'm free to choose any operating system for my desktop computer that I
want, also.

(Anyone who doesn't get it; look it up when you get home.)

-- jra