FTTH and DSLAM Access Vendors

I am looking for comparisons between the following FTTH GPON and VDSL2
access platforms. Has anyone recently compared the capabilities of each of
these platforms?

Alcatel-Lucent 7360 ISAM
Adtran Total Access 5000
Calix E7
Cisco ME4600
Huawei MA5600T
Zhone MXK

They all look great on paper, but there has to be some key differences
other than price. Besides the vendors listed above, is there anyone else in
this market?

I would definitely find any information on this quite useful. I've had
clients try to make this very comparison in the past, and it can become
quite tedious when dealing with sales staff from 6 different companies who
want to sell you something, while not explaining further as to why their
platform is better than 'xyz'

I don¹t know that getting a comparison of all these vendors will do
anything for you as each one will have something that tops each other.
What I¹ve always done is put my list together of features that I need to
run my business and see where each one of the vendors sits after that.
You can typically weed out a good % by that first set of questions. We
also will give some points to vendors we already deal with and staff is
already familiar with using, as training can be a big % of cost.

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