Frontier Broadband Fiber (AS 5650) - Dropped Traffic

Good Afternoon,

Any Frontier Comm (AS 5650) engineers on the list ?

Beginning early today sometime, we’re seeing dropped traffic to some of our business customers in the Los Angeles metro area on your broadband fiber. The voice udp stream is leaving our data center and never making it to our customer on your broadband fiber. It’s not all of our customers, only random ones. We’ve sniffed the traffic on our side and see the voice rtp stream leave our data center but then sniffing on our customer’s side the traffic never arrives (multiple Frontier fiber customers with this issue, not just one).

Switching the customer over to an alternate Internet connection resolves the issue.

Also, we’ve chatted with a few other voice providers like us in the Los Angeles area and they’re encountering the same issue.

Looking for an engineer that can take a look. Standard first level support has no clue.