Friendly XO Mail-operational contact ?


Can anyone put me in touch to a friendly XO mail admin ? For 36 hours (at least) my mail systems have been refused connections to any of the XO MXes listed in 'dig mx'.

I've asked some other UK based operators, and roughly three-quarters get connection refused to the example I gave them -

Many thanks

suresh@frodo 04:39:42 <~> $ telnet smtp
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.
[long, long delay]
220 ESMTP XO Communications mail gateway. Unauthorized
access prohibited. All activities will be logged. Wed, 7 Nov 2007
06:51:09 -0600

And that box is in Sherman Oaks CA.

You sure XO hasn't been playing with banner delays, and your MTA is
timing out before establishing an smtp connection?


andy@chilli:~$ time telnet 25
telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused

real 0m0.170s

I did call their NOC who couldn't help directly (which I expected), but also couldn't pass me on to someone who could.

Contact your account manager, they can get it fixed in about an hour
w/ an internal IT ticket. They were doing the same thing to us.

I don't open a business relationship with everyone that my users want to email. :slight_smile: