Friday musing - Long distance fiber deployment resources

There are a lot more cows than people with money in rural/remote areas.

Getting fiber to remote unserved areas is not a technical problem, it's a money/political problem.

On a good day, deploying 400 km of fiber costs in the ballpark of $10M. To that you then have to add the recurring costs of operations, maintenance and fees for the use of the right of way.

If the community can pay for that, all is good and well, just have at it. If not, somebody has to subsidize it and then it becomes a political problem.


Agreed, however over the next 50 to 100 years you might see a big migration North as temperature continue rising and continuous shipping via the Northern passage.

The Quintillion cable is really being built to link Asia and Europe via an ultra low latency path. Attaching fiber spurs to those Northern Communities is a way of getting Canadian government support and money.