Freelance SysAdmin wanted in Washington DC area


Not sure if anyone here is looking for some (extra?) work, or knows someone with an IT support business or just someone who is currently unemployed and looking to work on (initially) a part time basis?

I'm looking for a freelance support/network engineer with experience of Redhat/CentOS, as well as preferably Cisco and Juniper (and possibly OpenBSD) to work with us supporting our US and UK operations

Why freelance? Well because we're a self funded "startup" and don't have a lot of cash (yet) ... and preferably Washington DC as we've just inherited a small mountain of kit in the Equinix/Ashburn area and will need someone to go and kick it occasionally.

If you know anyone who might be interested, can you ask them to email me directly ( or call me on

+44-20-30-519-519 / +1 (206) 501 4562

Jon Morby
FidoNet Registration Services Ltd / Fido LLC