(Free)RADIUS Front-End

Hi all.

I haven’t been in the space in yonks, but I’m having to look into it for an acquisition.

What’s the latest on front-end panels for RADIUS, specifically, FreeRADIUS?

I fumbled around with Daloradius some years back, but mainly to manage some pfSense captive portals for guest wi-fi VLAN’s at the office.

I found these chaps who make some basic comparisons between themselves and what is out there:

Grateful to get feedback, on- and off-list, about what folk are doing with this tech. nowadays. Enterpri$e options are welcome too, but essentially, we are just looking for an easy on-premise (no cloud, please; I consider RADIUS critical network infrastructure) pretty GUI system that can make the engineers, NOC, provisioning and billing teams happy; and especially, the customers, of course. I don’t trust myself with Google to avoid snake oil in my search :-). All help appreciated. Thanks. Mark.

it’s a bit more than just freeradius, but PacketFense is no-bs GPL software to do this, among much more.

I think it’d definitely do what you’re looking to do


and I need more coffee… PacketFenCe



+1 for Packetfence, was just typing up a reply about it. I’ve used it for both standard dot1x as well as guest wired/wireless.

It’s a very large hammer for the small nut you have to crack, but Zentyal (https://zentyal.com/community/) is worth a look. It’s a complete Linux OS that aims to provide a compatible alternative to MS Active Directory. FreeRadius is a component and, from what I remember, the GUI was excellent.


Thanks, Neil.

Let me reach out.


Thanks, Tyler.

My use-case is really for broadband subscriber management. Let me ping them and see what we can work out.


Yeah, this looks like quite the conglomerate of a package :-).

I'll check it out either way. Thank you so much, Phil.


Thanks, Seun.

This looks very good.


Hi Mark,

DMA Radius manager[1] runs freeradius in its backend and it does have nice frontend controls with lots of plug and play options.

[1] https://dmasoftlab.com/

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Splynx is a commercial product designed to be an entire package for running an ISP, including billing etc. It uses FreeRadius in the backend which chains into their own RADIUS system. Integration for MikroTik routers is very extensive, but we have had it working with a variety of other BNGs too including Cisco and Linux-based systems. You can add in RADIUS dictionaries and customise the router profiles via the GUI to send whatever VSAs you require, including for COA. The APIs on it are extensive, making automation of service provisioning relatively easy. The IPAM in it is fairly basic, primarily ensuring that you don't re-use IPs between multiple services. IPv6 support is included, but primarily for IPv6-PD rather than interface IPs, however I have managed to get a BNG to assign an IPv4 address, an IPv6 interface address and IPv6-PD all from the Splynx profile. The accounting is ok, allowing you to apply bandwidth caps on users if required, including different speeds for different times of day.


Many thanks, Philip. Looks awesome!


For posterity, finally went with Splynx.

Really awesome product, covering not only RADIUS but also CRM, billing, invoicing, remote integration, e.t.c.

Just in case anyone else ends up having the same requirement.


I have also developed Free Radius based AAA (Authentication , Authorisation and Accounting) solution , and we have replaced Cisco ISE with our in-house developed product.
More than 30K clients are getting authenticated and managed through this portal.

In case, if anyone needs any help or suggestions in FR, then feel free to connect.

Gaurav Kansal