Free(opensource) Ticketing solutions


Which free and good ticketing systems do you folks(for those who do) use?

Paschal Masha

OSTicket is decent, not the prettiest, but works well.

We’re using Zammad (Gavin Henry) wrote:

Used RT since 2003. Love it.

Same here (I suppose since inception, but I've only been here for a few years).
Stable, integratable, scriptable.

We've been using RT also since has always served our needs.


While we use RT for historical reasons, I know some consultants prefer
using OTRS instead of RT for some workloads.


We migrated our OTRS to Znuny some time ago:


we‘re happy with Znuny.

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Can heavily recommend Freescout


I've had good experiences with Zammad GitHub - zammad/zammad: Zammad is a web based open source helpdesk/customer support system

A bit resource-hungry, and some of the UX takes a bit getting used to, but very efficient workflow-wise. APIs are also very decent, if you want to integrate custom systems into the workflow.


We use internally.

Its 100% free _and_ open source for 1 user a time. If you need multiple users at the same time, then a paid license is required.


This threat is interesting to me, but I'm surprised how no
requirements or use-cases are mentioned.

Like what is OP trying to do?

Looking at some of the proposals, it's obvious some of them are
intended for use cases where one side is an external party with email,
and one side is an internal party with application. And this system
would be obviously terribly for internal use, where teams ask each
other to do things via the system.

I find the customer facing ticketing system a far easier problem, than
the internal one.

For the internal one, my MVP requirements would be
    - Everyone has their own ticket view, and see just tickets that
are actionable to them, right now
    - Tickets can have dependencies, maybe I've been assigned a
ticket, and I figure out what I need to do, and what I need from
others to do it, so I can create new tickets and have my ticket depend
on them. This way I can get my ticket out of my view, until
dependencies are solved, in which case I get it back
    - Tickets could have parent and child, where parent automatically
tracks progress through children, perhaps my parent ticket is 'enabled
ISIS' and I have child ticket for each device.
    - API for users, not just developers - I strongly believe the
market has understood UX wrong, I believe WebUX is great for problems
where users use the UX rarely, but CliUX actually is desirable by
users and management for problems where users use the UX every day
hours on end. The Cli/Curses UX is blazing fast and predictable
layout, so after onboarding, users don't even look at the screen and
are exceedingly efficient. When I check-in to a hotel, buy a SIM or
rent a car, I often have to wait silently when the clerk spends
literally 10min clicking and typing, on the most common use case they
have. I don't expect market to ever agree, but at least if it has API,
I can write my own CliUX to be fast on the couple things I need to do

The commercial solutions I've used, Remedy and ServiceNow are
absolutely horrible, and it shocks me this is the state of the art.
Companies where those are used, you have to force employees to use
them, and if you are senior enough that rules don't apply, you don't
use it, because it's so bad UX. Both would basically require an
internal team to develop them actively, at which point you might
wonder, why didn't we just NIH this? But usually this internal team
doesn't exist due to cost reasons, and the outcome is really poor and
Someone is going to do what Slack did to chat, and make a ticketing
system that people actually want to use rather than email, because
they think it makes their work easier.

The google incantation you’re looking for is “task management software” or “task management software for teams”.

Commercial solutions are things like or asana. There are lots of alternatives here as well depending on your workflow and needed feature set, and both open source and commercial solutions are available.

Hi all,

We’re very happy with Zammad, it integrates well with another open source monitoring solution (Zabbix).
We’re also using it for task management. It allows to put the time spent on each task, and if you don’t finish it, it keeps sending reminders each day.
We migrated it from OTRS a few years ago.

Thank you!