free network monitoring/management tools

hello to all,

i would appreciate your your knowledge and experiences regarding freely
available tools for network monitoring and management (all cisco now, some
other stuff later). i would prefer free tools as i have no budget :slight_smile:

i am looking for the following (it will be running on either freebsd or

AAA - i have been trying to find a tacacs+ daemon/program that doesn't
require me to also learn *sql to set up the backend database (if this is
the only choice, then i can learn it)

config monitoring/management - rancid or rtrmon are the two that i have
found. any preferences on one over the other in terms of ease of use,
ability to modify/improve, efficiency, etc?

network/syslog monitoring - some of the likely candidates i have found are
nagios or netsaint, jffnms, nmis, opennms, or maybe snip (formerly nocol)
- i need something that is fairly easy to setup and use, and it doesn't
have to do a whole lot (just some basic notifications for now). decent
documentation is also necessary, and a pretty map would be nice for my
noc, but this isn't a prereq.

my scripting/programming skills are rudimentary, so it would be ideal if
it was at least partially plug-and-play (i know i know, sorry). i would
appreciate any input (i am still reading through the archives for useful
tidbits), and i, of course, will gladly summarize for the list.

thanks in advance


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