Foundry MLX experience?

Hello all,

I am looking for a faster solution for our core. Our backbone connections are almost all exclusively Fast Ethernet, GigE, with some 10GE stuff on the horizon. We need something which can run at wire speed and take full routes now and for for the next 3-4 years. The Foundry MLX looks like the right box at the right price, but I wanted to know if anyone else has these running with 10-15 iBGP peers, 60-100 eBGP peers, and full routes from up to 10 transit connections. How do they stand up to high traffic loads, DOS attacks, etc. How is their BGP implementation, how do 3rd party SFPs work, and how stable is the hardware and software? If you happen to have experience running ISIS on them too any info on that would be great. Offlist is fine and I can summarize for the group. Thanks for any input you can offer!


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