** Forged spamming going on

Dean, it's this simple:
AOL is not *sending* the mail. They are not *relaying* the mail.
They don't qualify as a RBLable party because of that, in this incident.
The proper description for "they're bouncing it back to me because the
headers were forged to say it came from me but it didn't,
and they're just the site where the targeted customers reside"
is neither "sender" nor "relayer", nor generally considered an
abusing party in a spam situation though it may cause some
third-party forgery victim some pain.

This seems perfectly obvious to me. It should be perfectly obvious
to anyone who understands net mail and has read the RBL website.
Why are you going on and on about it?

-george william herbert
gherbert@crl.com I speak for myself only.

He's going on about it because he thinks that by publically
  maligining the RBL team, he'll cause them enough bad press
  that they change their rules and become ineffective.

  Any further discussion of this topic should probably be held
  elsewhere; please honor the reply-to header.