** Forged spamming going on

alex@nac.net wrote:
-> Received: from mailme.com (146.st-louis-71-72rs.mo.dial-access.att.net [12.7

Agh. Nevermind my previous comment about denying relays - obviously not
of much use in your case. Must remember to wait till the caffeine kicks in
before sending email in the morning...

I *would* still like to know if anyone has a list of legitimate SMTP servers
for the big dialups though.

Alex, seems like your ideal solution would be something that transparently
redirects all the AOL bounces to AT&T's servers. Might be more likely to
get their attention that way...

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Not that I've seen, but there /is/ an RBL-style (at least from
  an MTA standpoint) list of dialups for many providers, large
  and small:


  I haven't done much testing of this yet, so I'm categorically
  not endorsing or condemning it at this point. That said, I'll
  also point out that I've heard nothing bad about it thus far.

  But again, this won't help Alex directly.