For want of a single ethernet card, an airport was lost ...

The government is completely incompetent. Public schools are in horrible condition, government networks constantly get failing or D grades, and on top of all this President Bush insists the Iraq war is necessary. What bull...I\'m surprised a member of the press hasn\'t killed Bush..

I'm not at all surprised - the press has, as a whole, given the entire
Executive branch and most of Congress far too much of a free ride. Why
do you think a member of the press would do it, as opposed to any of the
*other* 71% of the population that's displeased with his performance?

300 million people. Roughly 3/4 of them are unhappy with him. That's 225
million potential sources for one lone malcontent.

ObNANOG: There's at least one malcontent out there that's so peeved that they
took to shooting at fiberoptic cable. Has anybody revisited their physical
security and diversity assumptions based on this incident, or is everybody
already in a happy place on that?