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This is my first post in this list.

I have the follow situation:

I have a multilateral peering, and I�m need to plot a graph showing how many traffic is going to or comming from each member of peering.

For example:

I have the AS61222, and in the peering there is the AS61333. This AS have other peerings, And my AS (AS61222) use the AS61333 as transit. And because it is a peering, by just one interface of my router, I can see just the whole traffic, to AS61333, and another members of peering. I was seeing some thing in JKFlow, but I did not found any thing.

Do you have any experience in a case like this?



are you trying to draw per-AS charts?
I'm using As-stats (https://neon1.net/as-stats/), this is not exactly the same thing because you'll see all AS' trafic even ASN you don't peer with, but it may still help.

Good luck,

Alexandre Augusto Caramanti Coconesi a �crit :

I've used PMACCT in the past, with PNRG as a frontend, did the trick perfectly - used it to list/rank the ASes which I was sending traffic too.
pNRG on top of that will do the graphing.
I think PMACCT works with both SFlow and NetFlow. Watch out for the sampling rate when activating it on your kits tho, bad surprises ahead and a world of pain if you use too aggressive values at start.

If you're SFlow exclusive and want a commercial solution, try InMon, it is supposed to be pretty good.