Flamed for off topic...

   Yes, for Europe there's the RIPE-discuss list (for which I don't have
   an immediate reference) and for Asia, there's the apops list:

     Asia Pacific Ops <apops@apnic.net>

Alas, I too do not have an immediate refernce although I have seen this
list referenced before as the European analog of the NANOG list. Perhaps
one of you omniscient Europeans could set us straight as to whether such a
list does exist and if not, why not. After all, some of us North Americans
might be interested in poking our noses into your side of the pond once in
a while...

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Omniscience knows no bounds....

There are a couple more, one dealing with african issues (mostly south africa)
and latin america has one as well. Then there are some others that carry
a broader scope.

  iepg - intercontinental engineering and planning
  bigi - big internet

(or at least this is how I organize my view of reality. YMMV)