Fixing outside plant isn't an easy job

Maintaining the physical plant we all depend on is the job of a lot of
dedicated individuals. Its not an easy job, and sometimes it can be a
dangerous job.

SHARON, Mass. --A repairman for Verizon Communications Inc. was
electrocuted Sunday morning while fixing a damaged telephone pole in
Sharon, a company official said.
The fire department responded to a report of the worker shocked at about
8:30 a.m. Buckman was transported to a local hospital, where he was
pronounced dead.


Well worth a moment to give some recognition and appreciation for
those (litterally) in the trenches or scaling utility poles in order
to fix fiber, repair damaged power lines, and make routine repairs to
prevent future outages. Bearing in mind that quite often when there is
a failure they have to work in the hot sun, in the cold and snow, in
rain and mud, and under sleet and hail.

As much as we like to criticize some folks, the vast majority of these
people absolutely earn every cent of their pay and are deserving of
respect for a job well done.