Fixing "clueless ISPs" etc etc etc, typical NANOG topic answered decisively

I thought this would bring a bright moment to everyone's Thursday.


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Microsoft and Novell recently began looking into
certification for Internet expertise. Microsoft decided to
integrate material related to the Internet into existing
MCP programs. Novell took a different approach; they
created a new certification called the Novell Internet

Do you see a value in Internet certification? Would you
want to be certified in this area? What should the subject
matter focus upon (since the Internet is so vast and
quickly changing)? Are Microsoft, Novell,and Netscape the
right companies to do this, or would a more neutral
third party be more appropriate?

Just a few questions I'm curious about. Please feel free to
reply to this list or to me personally. Thanks. James

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Novell Internet Professional... hmmmm this from a company that didn't even
offer a TCP/IP stack for Netware until everyone else had one first.

Microsoft "integrating" .. why does that sound so familiar but very scary
at the same time. :slight_smile:

Netscape has more of a chance at getting "market share" on training, but
why should a software company give Internet training? What are they going
to train you to do, use a Browser or ftp? *laugh*

If someone wants to offer real Internet training, why not teach the
fundamentals of TCP/IP over WAN Protocols and routing. Desktop TCP/IP
training can be put on a $19.95 video tape seminar.