First? TRUE Root Name Server On Line

Paul A Vixie wrote:

Your desire to make a distinction between "popular" and "actual" is
dishonest, misleading, ugly, and rude. There are exactly nine root
name servers. Not "popular" root name servers - 9 SERVERS, total:

Paul - your peculiar brand of orthodox
and narrowly defined reality are not
in line with the fluidic and creative
nature of the Internet IMHO. Should the
people choose to circumvent these silly
bottlenecks they will. And then you
can rave all you want. My experience
is that the citizans of the internet
like revolution and love change. And
you're sounding awful reactionary and
even counter-revolutionary, Paul...

                             Bob Allisat

   PO Box 191 Station E Toronto Canada M6H 4E2 (416) 588-0670

Revolution? Love Change? Oh contraire. What this invites is
-INSTABILITY-. Something those of us with real customers to answer to
don't appreciate.

Perhaps you should move this drivel to a list populated by 31337 warez
dudes. You may find your revolution there -- however, I have serious
doubts that any of them even know what bind is, let alone how to changed