First? TRUE Root Name Server On Line

Derek Elder wrote:

Perhaps you should move this drivel to a list populated by 31337 warez
dudes. You may find your revolution there -- however, I have serious
doubts that any of them even know what bind is, let alone how to changed

And I have serious doubt you understand
any of the millions of people now rushing
onto the internet media. Once the inevitable
transfer of Internet to television and smart
box is completed your roles as info-czars
will be finished. By clueless people like me.

Your gang is treading on thin ice now. Very
thin, cracking ice with the sun coming out.

                             Bob Allisat

  PO Box 191 Station E Toronto Canada M6H 4E2 (416) 588-0670

Kind sir, I have been a netizen for 10 years and a network administrator
for an ISP for 4 years. The thing that -you- don't understand is the
-millions- of people flocking to the net could care one little iota about
what a root nameserver is. The only thing they care about is getting to that they heard about on television.

And I feel quite certain that isn't going to turn into which means that the people that matter and the people
that cause the change -- our users -- will never know that you exist.

Have a very pleasant day.