Find carriers that peer in two IX's


Does anyone know of a tool like PeeringDB where I can select two exchanges
say TELX 60 Hudson and then SIX (Seattle IX) and find all carriers that
have a presence in both locations?



a bit hacky :wink:

Vurt:~ job$ comm -1 -2 <(curl -s | jq ".data | .[] | .net_set | .[] | .name" | sort) <(curl -s | jq ".data | .[] | .net_set | .[] | .name" | sort)
"Default Route, LLC"
"Digital Realty | Telx"
"Faction Inc."
"Google Inc."
"Highwinds Network Group, Inc"
"Hurricane Electric"
"IPTP Networks"
"ISPrime, LLC."
"Internet2 TransitRail"
"Limelight Networks Global"
"NTT DATA Services - HCLS Cloud"
"OpenDNS, Inc."
"Packet Clearing House AS42"
"Packet Clearing House"
"SoftLayer Technologies, Inc. (an IBM Company)"
"Verizon Digital Media Services (EdgeCast Networks)"
Vurt:~ job$

Although this will not give you a side by side comparision I have been using the HE exchange report. Maybe that will help.

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"Hurricane Electric"


TELX 60 Hudson and then SIX (Seattle IX)

IX or building? Telx 60 Hudson is a building and SIX is an IX.

Marty Strong

Which will also have dramatically different results. An IX is not a good
key for a carrier search.