final note on cookreport/ bill woodcock peering discussion

I am leaving at 6 am in the morning for a small internet meeting in massachusetts. I am unlikely to see my email again until saturday morning.

We have had eight different requests to join the discussion since my post this afternoon.

Since the mail list is running on bill's woodcock's machine, it is only reasonable that he be the gatekeeper on additions to the list at this point. However he is at APIA in Japan right now and will not be back in the US for a bit more than another week. if I understand the situation correctly he will need to relay list addition requests to a colleague in California. If some folk do get added between now and the weekend please introduce yourselves to the list.


I intend to publish an issue with list discussion around October 1. although since I let list members have a week to review a prepub draft and ask for edits correctionss etc, the current discussion will need to wrap up in the sept 23-25th time frame.

But since the subject may change and evolve i am open to keeping the discussion going for a LOT LOT LONGER either on bills server or in another venue.

I will be out of the country trekking near mount everest from October 15th until November 10th. The issue published about Oct 1 will be the December issue. I estimate that january will come out about december 1. If a discussion is continuing on line in october and november, it can certainly do so in my absence.

I'd like to thank everyone for their help. I hope that we can document in considerable detail the changing economics, policy, politics and technologies of interconnection.