Filtering (was Re: AS8584 taking over the internet )

I think it is safe to say that more mail on NANOG saying people should
neighbor filter will not solve this problem. Lets work on things that will.

Not in itself as there are people who don't care, don't read NANOG, and/or
don't listen, and/or are hard of understanding. But people insisting that
peers filter their customers, using whether or not they filter as a selection
criterion (i.e. how vulnerable they are to one of their own customers),
and insisting their downstreams filter, would be a good start. Without
pointing specific fingers there are some quite large AS's, who have peering
with some large networks with no or little peer to peer filtering, who
also demonstrably have no customer filtering. This means the peer gets
polluted. Obviously either peer to peer or customer filtering solves this

But filtering *is* a good thing, and it is important people exert pressure
to make it happen. I don't think you can replace *filtering* by origin
verification. Sure, the more belts and braces the better.