Fiber providers - Englewood / Centennial Colorado

Hi all

Just curious if you know of any fiber providers other than CL or Zayo in the Englewood/Centennial area. Having a really tough time finding routes that avoid the Solarium at Quebec / E Orchard as well as 910 15th St. Seems there are so many single points of failure and collapsed routes that all lead to these two locations to get diverse long haul.

Many thanks.


Denver is a tough market for diversity’s sake. Just about everyone that was there was gobbled up by what is now CenturyLink.

-Mike Bolitho

Depending on what you’re trying to do, you might find some bits and pieces from Windstream, Crown Castle, UPN, and XO. They’re all in that Englewood - Centennial area in different ways with different capabilities.

Thanks Mike

I hit up crown and they have some segments, just not quite enough. I’ll try Windstream and see what I can find.