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> Worldcom has fiber cut in DC that affects 5664 DS-3's
> woohoo
That would probably be the one between DC and Pittsburg. I have it on
good (Ann Arbor) authority that at least some of the North Royalton
cut has been restored. I'm just glad it's not me answering phones :frowning:

I've been on the phone with various vendors all night (funny how wcom
affects so much of this, hmm? :wink: )

Anyway - it's not 5664 DS3's - the train wreck is scattered over approx
5664 feet of track - and WorldCom is prevented from getting in there to
start repairs until the local authorities, CSX, and NTSB (I think,
guessing on that one) have finished their investigation. The guy I just
got off the phone with told me that this particular cut will likely be
down all night.

I'd post this to NANOG, but I didn't sign up for posting access, since I
don't really have much to post. :slight_smile: If you could post it, I'd greatly
appreciate it. :slight_smile:


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