Fiber Cut, TX?

We've got some problems with Qwest outsourced dial in eastern Texas, and
Qwest is telling us that the telcos (KMC, AT&T, Time Warner) are
reporting a fiber cut, but aren't willing to give out a location. Has
anyone heard of a fiber cut in the vicinity of Texas (yeah, I know
that's really broad, but that's all I've got to go on)?

To summarize, I've heard back from folks in San Antonio that are using
these folks for transit and/or fiber without problem. I've also heard
of an AT&T cut in Houston that effects KMC in Beaumont, Nederland, and
Pascagoula. Also heard of an SBC fiber cut in Crosby, with no ETR.

Further information from folks at the QwestDial NOC (good guys there!)
is that KMC is saying it's a fiber cut in Houston in a heavily
trafficked area, and they can't get to the fiber to repair it until
TxDOT or the county or whoever is responsible for the road/highway shuts
it down for traffic at 6pm so the splicing crews can get to it.

*sigh* I wish my .signature didn't hold true.