Fiber Cut in Utah

MFS describes a "major" fiber cut in Utah. No further info from them.
Anyone got details?


ERRR, one more detail. A *lot* of traffic is affected between the West
Coast and the East Coast

According to Exodus:

MFS ticket # 251522, cut in Mountain Green, Utah.

Jonathan Wilner
Ph: 415.292.2960, x120

The actual cut is between Trail Cannon and Mountain Green Utah...techs are on
site ...

Like an OC3's worth:

[from exodus NOC]
oc3 from santa clara do new jersey down due to fiber cut
MFS ticket # 251522, cut in Mountain Green, Utah


The place and numbers keep changing. All site mgrs are calling a network
management center in Dallas trying to get info at the same time. The
folks there have differing opinions, I guess. Latest from them is it's in
Utah and there are 768 DS-3's and 12 OC-3's cut. He said,"It's a big one.
It's not some regular fibre cut."

Last post on this from me till a summary after the event is over.
Supposedly they'll spam (he called it a blanket email) all the customers
affected after the thing is fixed.