Fiber cut in SF area

I had written in a NANOG reply:

Mike Lyon writes:
Anyone know where the actual cut is?

According to SF Chronicle:

"The fiber-optic cables were severed shortly before 1:30 a.m. along Monterey
Highway north of Blossom Hill Road in south San Jose, police Sgt. Ronnie Lopez

Vicintity of 121.81 W 37.26 N, but I have no idea specifically where in that
general area. There are train tracks through there, could well be
a vault along the train tracks alongside Monterey Highway. But I don't
know specifically where the AT&T fiber runs down there.

Additional news stories reporting second fiber cut on Sprint fiber
in San Carlos, between San Francisco and San Jose, the SF Gate article above
was updated at 12:20pm with that information.

San Jose cut at around 1:30am, San Carlos around 3:30am.


Yeah, that's about the right amount of time to crawl out of a man hole,
cover it back up, get in the car, drive to a 24 hour starbucks, pick up some
coffee and drive up to San Carlos, open man-hole, repeat process...