fiber cut in California?

Anyone hear of a fiber cut in California today?

I have a customer complaint about degraded performance to a site in China and the path appears to exit Qwest to China Netcom in the LA area. Also this thread on outages:

I tried calling Qwest (sorry, Centurylink) NOC/support and there was a preemptive recording basically saying there was a huge outage and that hold times may be long. I had to hang up before they came on to deal with some other things though.

On Twitter, LastCenturyLink told me its a fiber cut in Spokane, WA.


We saw the issues on the AS209 backbone as well from our vantage point here in Seattle but we also show a circuit we have down (that rides Qwest) between Yakima, WA and Spokane, WA. The outage corresponds to the IP issues so I would think that it is probably the same cut affecting both the wave we are seeing as out and the IP issues (which mostly seem better now).

John @ AS11404 here in Seattle.

Yes. There was a fiber cut. Apparently a construction crew was doing some boring and went through some cables.

If that's the case, then it sounds like there are two cuts, one in the CA, one in WA.


There was also one in the UP of Michigan early this morning but it only
affected phone traffic.