FIBER CUT: Dallas to West Coast

There is no mention of it on the UUNET/Worldcom web site, but it appears
to be a Worldcom circuit cut somewhere between Dallas and Los Angeles.
Some folks are backup now through re-routing. Worldcom has techs on-scene
resplicing the cable. No ETR.

Routing around the problem, what a concept. More backup for the 2xt1 shop
to contimue doing it..

Brian "Sonic" Whalen
Success = Preparation + Opportunity

I'm still awaiting the list of providers that never have a circuit go
down. :slight_smile:

Agreed, everyone has circuit failures. I was just making a not so subtle
reference to the huge multihoming thread going on, by stating that a user
multihomed with multiple providers gives themselves a better survival
chance against this type of thing. Backhoes, trains, buses, union
strikes, power failures. Pick your enemy..

Brian "Sonic" Whalen
Success = Preparation + Opportunity

You have to make sure that the different providers you're using are not
sharing any part of their infrastructure though. I've had instances where
both links into a place goes down because they somewhere on the way there
shared who they bought some connectivity/capacity from, or went in the
same pipe or whatever that was severed.